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Special case: /v2/commerce/exchange


The Exchange endpoint is annoying, because it doesn't follow the same URL syntax.

Most importantly, the Exchange endpoint does not support the "id" parameter.

This works:

This doesn't work:

I tried to fit this endpoint in with the rest of the endpoints, but clearly this is a special case that requires custom code.

TODO: create custom request classes for just this endpoint.

This issue is a blocking issue for a related issue:
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StevenLiekens wrote May 27, 2015 at 10:42 PM

The interface will be dumbed down to just this:

````C# /// Provides the interface for services that trade gems for coins. public interface ICurrencyExchange { Exchange GetCoins(int gems);
    Exchange GetGems(int coins);    }````
Where Exchange is an object that wraps the transaction details plus a timestamp.