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Jun 6, 2013 at 6:44 AM
I removed the proactive caching of all guilds that happen to own things in WvW. This was resulting in dozens of API calls even if the caller only cared about the name of one guild. Now it only caches guilds that the caller actually attempts to retrieve.

I also removed the AllGuilds property and the IEnumerable implementation from GuildData. There's (currently) no way to retrieve a list of all guilds, only all guilds that currently own things in WvW. That list changes constantly, so there's no point to it, and it's certainly not a list of all guilds.

I also changed the way retrieval of a single guild worked. It was returning nothing even for guilds that exist, just because the cache didn't happen to contain that guild (because the guild didn't own anything in WvW). Now it checks cache first, and then hits the API if that guild is not in cache.

Oh, and I added the ability to retrieve a guild by name.
Jun 6, 2013 at 12:34 PM
According to Cliff Spradlin there is currently no plan to offer a end-nodeto get all guilds which are created. This said there is no way to get the guilds except from WvW, or if you know the guild name/id by querying the server multiple times.

This said, the first thing that should be included in the guild part is to give the user a property where he supplies a list with either guild names or guild ids to get back a collection of guilds.

How we deal with it further we have to see what time tells.