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GW2.NET - v0.9.3.0

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Change Set: 36765
Released: Jun 19, 2014
Updated: Jun 29, 2014 by Ruhrpottpatriot
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Application GW2.NET v0.9.3.0
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Application GW2.NET RestSharp v0.9.0.0
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Release Notes


This release is part of ongoing development that brings the library closer to perfection, one patch at a time.


The recommended way of downloading is via NuGet.


These are the highlights of what's changed since the previous release (from newest to old):
  • Updating world boss rotations according to the June 17 Content Release Notes
  • Adding extension method 'HttpStatusCode.IsSuccessStatusCode()'
  • Removing method 'IServiceResponse.IsSuccessStatusCode()'
  • Adding class 'UrlEncodedForm' that is used for building query strings
  • Adding property 'IServiceRequest.FormData' of type 'UrlEncodedForm'
  • Removing property 'IServiceRequest.Query'
  • Removing method 'IServiceRequest.GetQueryString()'
  • Removing redundant 'GetResponse()' and friends from 'IServiceRequest'. Use 'IServiceClient.Send()' instead.
  • Improving 'ServiceException' robustness and marking it as Serializable
  • Implementing support for recipe types 'RefinementEctoplasm' and 'RefinementObsidianRecipe'
  • Fixing a bug in 'RecipeConverter' that would prevent it from converting 'Consumable' recipe types
  • Renaming item type 'Back' to 'Backpack'
  • Implementing support for recipe type "Backpack"
  • Adding a flag for 'CraftingDisciplines.None'
  • Fixing a bug that would prevent JSON.NET from deserializing specific item stats
  • Adding code to replace empty item descriptions (String.Empty) with null values
  • Greatly improving support for chat links:
    • Adding two-way chat link converters
    • Adding a class 'ChatLinkFactory' that provides access to factory methods for encoding and decoding chat links
    • Adding a skill chat link extension method for class 'ItemBuff'
  • Changing 'Armor', 'Back', 'Trinket' and 'Weapon' to derive from a new base class 'CombatItem'
  • Implementing event rotations for the Triple Trouble wurm events
  • Adding support for 'SmallBundle' weapons
  • Flattening the 'infix_upgrade' property
  • Flattening the item details contracts
  • Converting type of 'ItemBuff.SkillId' from 'string' to 'int?'
  • Adding a flag for "WeaponDamageType.Choking"
  • Implementing offline support for dynamic events with a fixed rotation, in anticipation of an official API
  • Adding build properties to 'Item' for change tracking
  • Renaming 'PolygonLocation.PointCollection' back to 'PolygonLocation.Points'

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