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Obtaining GW2.NET

There are two ways to obtain GW2.NET. You can either download the binary package from the download page located up top, or you can get the source code from our version control servers.

Download the code package

We only recommend this method if you are really uncomfortable with a Version control system. Simply navigate to the Source Code tab, click the link for the latest revision, then click the download link.

Download the binary package

The same as above applies here. Use this method if you are uncomfortable with a version control system or code packages. Simply navigate the downloads tab and download the latest version.

Using Team Foundation Server

GW2.NET uses the built in Visual Studio version control system - Team Foundation Server. To obtain the code via TFS do the following (assuming you have VS 2010 or later):
  1. Run Microsoft VS
  2. If the Team Explorer view isn‘t currently displayed, click View and the select Team Explorer
  3. At the top of the Team Explorer window click the button Add Existing Team Project
  4. In the Connect to Team Foundation Server dialogue box, click on Servers.
  5. In the Add/Remove Team Foundation Server box, click Add.
  6. In the Add Team Foundation Server dialogue enter the following informations in their respective fields:
    • Name or URL:
    • Path: tfs
    • Port Number: 443
    • Protocol: HTTPS
  7. Click OK to connect to the server. If your informations are correct you will be promted for your username and password.
  8. In the Connect to ServerName dialog, type in the username that was on the connection instructions from the Source Code tab, and your CodePlex Password, and then click OK. The CodePlex project(s) and team project collections to which you are a member will appear.
  9. Select the TFS35 collection to connect to GW2.NET

Build the Code

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the source code.
  2. Navigate to the "GW2.NET" directory, or the directory of the branch you want to build.
  3. Open GW2.NET.sln.
  4. Press Ctrl-Shift-B (or use the Build menu) to build the solution.
  5. The assemblies will be generated in the "bin" directory under the root folder.

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