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To retrieve a list of the current WvW matches you first have to create a new instance of the WvWManager class. The WvWManager manages all relevant object and ensures that the cached data is used.

The WvWManager resides in the GW2DotNET.V1.WvW namespace. Create a new instance of the WvWManager class with the following code:

GW2DotNET.V1.WvW.WvWManager manager = new GW2DotNET.V1.WvW.WvWManager();

Note: You can also add the GW2DotNET.V1.World namespace to your using directives.

To retrieve the worlds you now call the Matches property on the WvWManager and convert it to a list (or other suitable collection).

var matches = manager.Matches.ToList();

You now can use LINQ or any other method to iterate through the list and get single matches.

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