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Retrieve maps from the API

To retrieve maps you first have to create a new instance of the WorldManager class. The WorldManager manages all relevant object and ensures that the cached data is used.

The WorldManager resides in the GW2DotNET.V1.World namespace. Create a new instance of the WorldManger class with the following code:
GW2DotNET.V1.World.WorldManager wm = new GW2DotNET.V1.World.WorldManager(); 

Note: You can also add the GW2DotNET.V1.World namespace to your using directives.

To retrieve the worlds you have three possibilities.
// Retrieve all worlds as a List<GwWorld>.
var allWorlds = wm.Worlds.ToList();

// Retreive one GwWorld by specifying the world name as a string.
var oneWorldFromString = wm.Worlds["Tarnished Coast'];

// Retrieve one GwWorld by specifying the worldId as an int
var oneWorldFromId = wm.Worlds[1017];

Note: From an UI point of view a single retrieval of all worlds and then using the returned list is the recommended scenario.

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